The RT-PCR-based molecular assays are implemented as fully automated tests on the disposable cartridges, the LabDisks. The user

just needs to insert the skin sample into the LabDisk, place the LabDisk into the LabDisk-Player and push the start button to run the test.


Results are delivered within less than 90 minutes and enable physicians to make timely decisions on patients’ therapy.


All reagents required for the assay are stored on the LabDisks in miniaturized scale providing cost-efficient implementation of the tests.


The modular interconnection of the reaction chambers creates maximum flexibility and allows rapid establishment of new tests, e. g. allowing simultaneous detection of RNA and DNA based markers and analysis of tissue in all conditions (tape strips, liquid and solid specimens).


Geometric and colourmetric multiplexing result in a total of up to 40 simultaneous targets in one test.


All advantages of centrifugal microfluidics are exploited enabling reliable, objective and valid results anywhere and every time independent of the user.