Welcome to Dermagnostix!

At Dermagnostix, we envision the next level for molecular diagnostics in human skin to improve patients’ lives and clinical practice in dermatology.

Why Dermatology?

Dermatologic diseases are the 4th most common cause of all human illnesses.

Every individual experiences a skin disease at least once during their lifetime.


7 of the 15 best selling drugs are already being used in dermatology today and many more promising treatments are in the pipeline.

Conventional Diagnostics

based on clinical view and histopathology are imprecise and impede the optimal use of the already available highly specific modern therapies in dermatology.

The Solution

is to offer modern diagnostics for modern therapies. With our first test – PsorEx – to differentiate between eczema and psoriasis on molecular level we achieved a milestone for molecular diagnostics in dermatology.

Dermagnostix offers

a comprehensive technological platform for fast and objective molecular diagnostics in dermatology to reduce health care costs and improve patient treatment.

Dermagnostix provides molecular diagnostic solution for dermatology.





The Dermagnostix-Team

Dermagnostix is a spin-off from the Hahn-Schickard Institut in Freiburg, the Helmholtz Zentrum München (HMGU) and TU München. Our multidisciplinary team unites expertise in dermatology, basic research, microfluidics and artificial intelligence to bring the most innovative products to market.​​​

Natalie Garzorz-Stark, MD, PhD, MHBA

CEO, Dermatologist

Katharina Dormanns, PhD

CTO, Microfluidic Engineer

Prof. Kilian Eyerich, MD, PhD


Prof. Stefanie Eyerich, PhD


Prof. Kristian Reich, MD, PhD


Prof. Christoffer Gebhardt, MD, PhD


Prof. Fabian Theis, PhD, PhD

Mathematician, Physicist

Lucca Weber, M.Sc.

Life Science Engineer

PD Nils Paust, PhD

Microfluidic Engineer

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